In the certification courses, painters learn about use and understand how the new generation of BASF automotive finishes performs. This is achieved through complete classroom instruction, body panel refinishing demonstrations, and actual hands-on application. The courses are a prerequisite for painter certification, one of BASF’s requirements for participation in the Vision Plus warranty program.

This course tackles the single biggest concern of the refinish industry: How to achieve precise color matches. It’s like getting a whole new sense of color. Using a practical, step-by- step, mechanical approach, the participant learns what causes color variations, how to make adjustments to achieve an acceptable color match, and proper use of our superb color tools.

Our industry experts have the knowledge, relationships and tools required to put our customers ahead of their competition and on the right path to growth. BASF Refinish has more OEM approvals than any other paint manufacturer, and the resources to support the certification of our shops. Vision+ Expert Analysis also offers one-of-a-kind networking opportunities, KPI Management and comprehensive tools to facilitate business improvement.